A brief personal story of my spiritual journey…

Many of us have challenging childhoods. Mine was no exception. But by the age of nine I was determined and ready to do something about it. Since I could not change the dynamics around me, I resolved to change myself. This was the start of my spiritual journey.

I began by reading whatever I could find on self-help and self-improvement. I practiced what I learned. This exploration eventually led me to pursue a degree in psychology.

It was while attending college that the next stage of my unfoldment began. While walking through campus, my attention was grabbed by a poster offering an introduction to meditation. Transcendental Meditation. In that instant I knew without doubt that I must learn it and that it would have a life-long influence on me. Meditation opened up a whole new world to me that was far beyond anything I previously imagined. And I did not realize that it would move me from being agnostic to the realization of the Divine.

Meditation became the essential core practice of my spiritual path and has been so for over 40 years, along with some other supportive spiritual practices. I have been committed to spiritual evolution and growth, with an uncompromising focus on direct experience and revelation. I meditate daily and have spent long periods of time on spiritual retreat in deep meditation.

In this process I have spiritually awakened by virtue of Divine Grace and continue to awaken more and more profoundly, as deeper layers of the reality of the Divine become familiar, and subtler knowledge and insight become my ordinary experience.

A by-product of spiritual unfoldment has been the fine-tuning of insight and discrimination; casting aside false ideas about awakening, realization, enlightenment, and our relationship to the Divine; and seeking authentic experience granted by Divine Grace as the teacher. Throughout this process, I was led to the spontaneous practice of and insight into numerous spiritual methods that were useful in the unfolding that grace conferred on me. And I have been given tools to help others align with the Divine through Its Presence, ever-present radiance of the Divine, and the magnet that draws us towards awakening.

All we need to do is prepare to attract Divine Grace. When grace comes, then we will begin to remember who we truly are and enjoy the peace, love, joy and contentment of the Divine. Full Dawn Circle is here to support you in aligning with the Divine, opening to Divine Presence, and preparing you to receive Divine Grace.


Founder of Full Dawn Circle