Here are some experiences participants have had from the guidance, support, and fellowship at Full Dawn Circle:

“What I am noticing is I am more in the Present. Grounded in the Present. Not interpreting but just enjoying. Not projecting, either. Just experiencing more Being. With less residue from the past. And am able to let Being shine through me.” – P.N.

 “I felt surrounded by angels or something. Flashes of light appeared in the space around me and I felt cuddled in profound love.” – B.B.

“I felt Joy and Love surround me. My whole body, mind and soul felt light, happy and very content. It felt as if I went on an extended vacation and came back renewed.” – J.M.

 “For most of my 60 plus years I have been a seeker.  I’ve sat with teachers in far parts of the world, followed their teachings, read, studied, meditated, done hatha yoga, pranayama, prayed.  All the promises of enlightenment failed me.  Here I found that my efforts alone are not enough.  I was missing the divine and the important role of divine grace.  My misconceptions.”  – B.T.

“I could not meditate in all the yoga classes I took.  I sat there though to look like I was spiritual like everyone else.  I was anxious and fidgety with my mind wandering all over. The meditation I learned [at Full Dawn Circle] and I relaxed and was very quiet. Awesome.”  – F.C.

“My attendance was very rewarding on many levels. I was able to go into a very deep relaxed state, due to my stressful job, this felt very healing to my nervous system.  Thanks for this wonderful experience.” – M.B

“Something powerful.  Peaceful and relaxing like a meditation.  I was scared when buried, painful memories started up, but they passed out of me like clouds and a loving presence seemed to be telling me it was alright.  Instead of hurting, they were soft, faint memories.  I felt cleansed. I will know in time more about how this helped me, but so far since my meditations have been quieter and better.”  – E.S.