Full Dawn Circle offers Fellowship Gatherings for anyone who may wish to attend.

   I felt so supported

In certain traditions from which the inspiration for Full Dawn Circle originated, people gathered to share in a group vision of awakening the Divine in their lives.  These gatherings, often referred to as satsang, were led by a spiritual teacher or guru who was revered as an elevated, realized being.  While it is a beautiful way to bring people together in divine worship, it can promote a feeling among the members of the satsang that they are not worthy of, or are simply not capable of, rising to the level of realization of the teacher or guru.

At Full Dawn Circle, we recognize that anyone can rise to the realization of their true divine self and Divine Reality, so we serve in the capacity of peers, avoiding creating relationships with our participants that could suppress the trust that we are all equally regarded by the Divine.

   Beautiful experience

Fellowship Gatherings may include a talk, group meditation, group attunement, Q&As, or sharing of individual members.  See the events calendar for scheduled Fellowship Gatherings.