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Most people think we each are a body-mind, and that our mind carries with it our sense of self, what we call “me” or “I,” the person situated in this body-mind. But on our spiritual journey through the stages of awakening, we discover we are much more than we thought we were. We find that who we are is multi-dimensional, and that all those layers reside in the delicious living silence of Pure Conscious Being. And then we move further, and we realize even that resides in the body of the Divine, beyond “oneness.”

This journey is one of greater and greater fulfillment, of greater peace, love and joy — qualities that are inherent in Being and the Divine.

And on the journey we discover that the Divine expresses through and as each of us.  As an infinite point of the Divine, you can awaken to your true nature. What it takes is opening to Divine Presence, and preparing for Divine Grace, the cause of Awakening. It is possible to live based upon your Divine Nature in a Reality of peace, love, and joy.

Here you will find support and guidance on this journey, and the means for your spiritual healing, insight, and growth. Many of the valuable gifts available here have been directly revealed by Divine Intelligence.  These gifts, together with other offerings, support you in preparing to receive the light and love of Divine Grace, and in awakening to the Divine being you truly are.



Activated Attunement

Activated Attunement is a personalized alignment process to support your spiritual growth and well-being. It evokes Divine Intelligence within the multi-dimensional layers of your existence, opening you more deeply to your divine nature, and showering you with the light of

Deep Cycle Meditation

Deep Cycle Meditation is a series of effortless meditation practices derived from ancient traditions and modern exploration. Each practice relies on the native intelligence of the mind, body and attention to naturally carry you through the cyclical flow of transcending

Guided Inquiry

Guided Inquiry is a process to clarify your experience right now, and to assist you in the discovery of layers of your multi-dimensional existence which are present, but just beyond your recognition or perception. By exploring together your experience here

Personalized Guidance

You are not alone on your spiritual journey.  Full Dawn Circle offers support and personalized guidance to facilitate your alignment with the Divine and your spiritual unfoldment. Personalized guidance offers the insight and experience of an awakened peer, while focusing

Group Events

Full Dawn Circle offers group events for anyone who may wish to attend. In certain traditions from which the inspiration for Full Dawn Circle originated, people gathered to share in a group vision of awakening the divine in their lives. 


Full Dawn Circle offers meditation, attunement and educational audios/videos you can access at any time. Many people enjoy having access to these audios/videos, finding them beneficial to their spiritual practice, and helpful in aligning with the Divine and opening to


More experiences of participants in Full Dawn Circle can be found in the “About” menu, under “Experiences.”

"Completely immersed in subtle and divine presence, I could sense, how the power of love addressed “difficult” areas and brought them back into the harmony of being." –A.W.

"I got to a very deep, settled and quiet place. I’d been having some internal agitation that nothing else had helped with. I could feel there was healing, loving energy working on all levels of my being. This also brought about a greater feeling of connection within myself, which I noticed on a physical level.” - L.A

Divine loving presence with focused power alters you in balanced, loving powerful ways. The benefits naturally unfold in your life.” - M.S.

“I found peace of heart. Thank you.” - C.G.

"I had the surprising experience of being pain free during the meditation. This left me with a lingering optimism and hope for my chronic pain." - P.V.

"The loving attention triggered a fascinating energetic spiritual unfoldment. I felt an opening, subtle reintegration and then energy moving through me on a very refined level as a result. And what this has unfolded for me has been beyond what I could imagine. For people, especially those on a spiritual path, who feel stuck in their progress, I am convinced that the subtle support and fellowship that Full Dawn Circle offers would be of great help to them." - G.S.

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