Attunements are activations of native intelligence to support you in your evolutionary spiritual journey. These activations increase your receptivity to the benevolent presence everywhere around you. This evokes greater alignment between your personal sense of self and the blueprint of your soul’s potential, placing you more substantially into the flow of your spiritual unfoldment with less resistance from the baggage of as yet unresolved karmic patterns or beliefs that limit your evolutionary progress and sense of your deeper spiritual nature.

Attunements are often experienced as producing serene relaxation and calm. You may tangibly experience a sense of presence or luminosity; or you may experience changes to your state of being; increased peace or happiness, feelings of love, expansion or spaciousness; increased clarity of mind or perspective, enhanced perception, or deep intuitions.

Attunements are not intended to diagnose, treat or heal physical, mental or emotional conditions or to substitute for health care from licensed professionals.

There are several modes of attunement, depending on your particular needs. Each mode of attunement is described below.

Remote Yogic Attunement™
A Remote Yogic Attunement is a highly focused ancient yogic process that I initiate deep within meditation to invoke a beneficial shift in situations for which you seek spiritual support.

A situation may be when facing a difficult decision, a dilemma or concern, a spiritual fork in the road, feeling “stuck,” or any issue or circumstance for which you seek support. These attunements are not intuitive readings, and instead help strengthen your inner guidance.

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In-Session Activated Attunement™
An In-Session Activated Attunement™ is a personalized one-on-one guided process in real time that seeks to align you more profoundly with your true spiritual nature and to unwind and release karmic patterns that constrain your spiritual unfoldment.

We will sit together either over telephone or via video conferencing, resting with eyes closed for a period of time. During that time I guide you through the attunement, similar to a guided meditation. There will be some time for questions and answers.

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Personalized Audio Attunement™
A Personalized Audio Attunement™ is a downloadable audio MP3 file for you to listen to daily as time permits. It is composed with specific frequencies of intelligence that are in alignment with your soul blueprint. These frequencies resonate to neutralize and realign contracted energies that deviate from you soul blueprint and that inhibit freer expression of your true spiritual nature.

A Personalized Audio Attunement™ is a supportive process originally developed for those who are undergoing In-Session Activated Attunements™, but can also be used independently if you prefer not to sign up for In-Session Activated Attunements™.

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Group Audio Attunement™
Group Audio Attunements™ are an auditory method of aligning you with your deeper spiritual nature using tonal frequencies that are effective with a wide audience. The frequencies used are composed and woven into a unique flow of sound. Listening to and feeling these frequencies is deeply calming to your mind and body, profoundly increasing a sense of peace and surrender, and thereby increasing your receptivity to and alignment with the benevolent presence everywhere around you.

A limited number of publicly available Group Audio Attunements™ can be found HERE.

The Audio Attunement Library
A great number of privately available audio attunements can be found in The Audio Attunement Library by subscription, or offered individually as part of a Membership, Course, or Special Event.

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