The Beyond

In The Fruition of Unity Consciousness I described how the veil of the gap of separation between the Self and the non-self is pierced. The observer-observed dynamic of perception is retained but without generating a sense of separation between Self

The Fruition of Unity Consciousness

When you experience something, there is an observer and that which is observed. You are the observer. What you observe is the object of observation, whether it is a thought, feeling, or sensation, or a person, place or thing. This

Roadmaps? Or Navigation?

Anyone remember road maps? Those paper maps that we used to navigate from place to place? Road maps provided an overview, and a preview, of my travels and how to get to my destination. They presented useful information, like what

The Most Obvious Thing We Forget About Beliefs

Whatever we believe is not necessarily a truth. It might be, but it’s likely not. And yet we hold onto our beliefs in spite of the most obvious facts that clearly refute them. Why? Our beliefs give us comfort of

Reference Points

The Awakening process is principally one of shifting identity — the process of discovering our true sense of self and our Divine nature. At each step on our spiritual journey, we can reflect on who we are. And at each

Advaita and Self-Realization

Not long before I initially Awakened, modern interpretations of Advaita philosophy were becoming popular, promoted primarily by “Neo-Advaita” Western teachers. The term non-duality was becoming more commonly used in modern spiritual teachings. And modern Western non-dual philosophy was becoming the

The Mirror of Knowing

When we first awaken out of our identification with personal self, our ego-body-mind, we notice something remarkable. The reference point that mediated our experience of the world prior to Awakening is no longer our seat of being. We do not

Living in Divine Alignment

We are each a spark of the Divine, reflecting a unique perspective of the Divine expressing Itself. Our purpose is to live life spontaneously in Divine Alignment. This purpose unfolds in a progressive, evolutionary process of Awakening where the depths

Now and Mindfulness

The talk of many in the spiritual community is about being in the Now. The idea behind being in the Now is that we are not focused on the past or the future. It is in dwelling on the past,

The Eternal Light of Pure Conscious Being

If the lights have not come on, the full joy of Self-Realization has not yet arrived. The principal awakening in Self-Realization is the awakening to one’s true identity as infinite Pure Conscious Being — that Conscious Being in which all

Exiting Space-Time

If we can be present in each moment, we step out of relative time into the flow of living. Even if we can be fully present only for brief moments, we experience some degree of the peace or serenity of

Natural Surrender

Surrender is essential to the spiritual process. We’re often told we must consciously “let go” and embrace our reality. But this act of letting go is often an egoic-based action, driven by a need to control or manipulate our experience

What Worship Truly Is

At the risk of scaring off some people, I thought I would talk about worship and what it really means in spiritual unfoldment. Full Dawn Circle recognizes spiritual practice as worship. Spiritual practice aligns us with the Divine. Or, if

The Bodies

Many people think of the stages of Awakening only as a process of development of Consciousness, often overlooking the role of our bodies. As the stages of Awakening unfold, there are plateaus along the way where we might feel that

The Promise of Quick Awakening

Many of us are impatient. We look for quick solutions. Quick results. In the “spiritual marketplace” there are numerous offers of quick Awakening. Often the promise comes as some new course or seminar; or a revolutionary process or method, that

Drivers and Seeking

We have a natural drive to seek greater happiness and fulfillment. And that’s great. Most of us want to be happy and fulfilled. And as we seek more and more happiness and fulfillment, we just need to be alert to

Ego and Awakening

I’ve raised some skeptical eyebrows. In other posts I’ve written that the ego does not die (at least not until the body does), even once one is fully Awakened. This assertion can be seen as controversial because it contradicts beliefs

Who Wants To Be No-Self?

Some teachings focus on the realization that there is “no-self,” no person. Various teachings use this term differently, often referring to quite different stages in spiritual unfoldment. In my view, no-self is simply a way of referring to the changes

Listen Beyond The Words

Listening to, or reading the writings of, different spiritual or religious teachers can be very inspiring and informative, if we know, or at least think we know, what they are actually saying. The meaning of their words can get in

The Divine and Its Presence

The Divine is where we start. The Divine is beyond any concept we can come up with, which makes it very difficult to talk about it. The Divine must be directly known to truly know It. The Divine is the

Basics: Existence, Being and Consciousness

Whoever or whatever we may think we are, we know we exist. Even when we are lost in our thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions, or experiences of life, somehow we know that we exist. If we did not exist, there would

Layers of Reality

Who are we and what is the world? Most people would say we are a body-mind and that our mind carries with it our sense of self, what we call “me” or “I,” the person situated in this body-mind. And

The Divine and Disillusionment

The mission of Full Dawn Circle is to share the insights and knowledge revealed through in-depth spiritual exploration and authentic revelation; and to reach out to seekers of truth. Here we strive to bring ourselves into alignment with the Divine,

Concepts Are Confusing

While going through some old files, I came across something I had written many years ago after initially awakening.  The awakening itself was clear and self-evident.  I had no doubts about it because the awakening was so obvious.  But what

The Many Forms of Oneness

In many spiritual circles, “oneness” has become the new word to capture what in traditional Indian philosophy is the teaching of advaita, non-duality.  It’s not a new idea, just a modern usage of a word that refers to an ancient

Awakening Is Not An Experience

Some teachers say that awakening is not an experience.  And yet, even some of these teachers who assert that awakening is not an experience may still use experiential terms in describing their awakening.  What do they mean by saying awakening

A Misunderstanding

Many spiritual seekers believe that to discover the peace of awakening requires the elimination of all thoughts, not just moments of thoughtless silence, but no thoughts at any time. I don’t know the source of this idea, but once an idea

Oh no! The ego will not die.

Some teachings refer to death of the ego as a prerequisite, or as a casualty, in awakening or enlightenment.  Metaphorically this may be true, but many teachers and seekers take this literally. When teachers speak of death of the ego,

Spiritual Seeking

There are some spiritual teachers, particularly contemporary ones, who suggest that seeking to find one’s true nature, to find who one really is, is counter-productive. In their view, our true self is already and always present; and already fully awakened,

Attracting Divine Grace

Divine Grace is the mysterious cause of awakening; and of the subsequent awakenings that occur in our continuing spiritual evolution.  Divine Grace causes the transition from one stage to the next. Because awakenings occur beyond the mind, Divine Grace can