Personalized Guidance

You are not alone on your spiritual journey.  Here you can find support and personalized guidance to facilitate your alignment with the Divine and your spiritual unfoldment. Personalized guidance offers the insight and experience of an awakened peer, while focusing


Attunements are processes to facilitate alignment with your Divine nature by increasing your receptivity to Divine Presence. The process of Attunements is similar to a guided meditation. Whether an In-Session Attunement™ or a Group Audio Attunement™, you will be guided


Regular, daily spiritual practice and periodic group practice are an essential foundation for aligning us with the Divine, increasing our receptivity to Divine Presence, and preparing us to receive Divine Grace. Meditation practice also has the additional benefit of reducing

Welcome to Full Dawn Circle

The mission of Full Dawn Circle is to share the reality of the Divine and our Divine nature; and to offer support and guidance to all seekers of truth who want to discover their true nature and relationship to the Divine.  The Divine calls to us. Our response is to align with the call, increase our receptivity to Divine Presence, and prepare for the Divine Grace of Awakening.  Each of us can enter on the journey to discover our Divine nature; and in so doing live in increasing peace, love, joy and harmony in alignment with the Divine.

Joel, Founder of Full Dawn Circle


"I got to a very deep, settled and quiet place. I’d been having some internal agitation that nothing else had helped with. I could feel there was healing, loving energy working on all levels of my being. This also brought about a greater feeling of connection within myself, which I noticed on a physical level.” - L.A

“What I am noticing is I am more in the present. Grounded in the present. Not interpreting but just enjoying. Not projecting, either. Just experiencing more Being. With less residue from the past. And am able to let Being shine through me.” – P.N..

"I felt an opening, subtle reintegration and then energy moving through me on a very refined level. And what this has unfolded for me has been beyond what I could imagine." - G.S.

“I felt Joy and Love surround me. My whole body, mind and soul felt light, happy and very content. It felt as if I went on an extended vacation and came back renewed.” – J.M.

“For most of my 60 plus years I have been a seeker. I’ve sat with teachers in far parts of the world, followed their teachings, read, studied, meditated, done hatha yoga, pranayama, prayed. All the promises of enlightenment failed me. Here I found that my efforts alone are not enough. I was missing the divine and the important role of divine grace. My misconceptions.” – B.T.

“I found peace of heart..” - C.G.

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What we offer is provided with the desire to serve the Divine and our fellow beings. Your contributions, big or small, enable us to continue our mission.

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