Most of us want a life of growing peace, love, and joy; a healthy life of insight and self-understanding. We seek balance. We strive for this better life, each in our unique ways. And each of us is confronted with our own set of challenges.

As a child, confronted with my own challenges, I began a search. That was the beginning of my spiritual journey. And on this journey I found many answers. Some of them surprising.

For over 40 years I have been committed to spiritual exploration, evolution and growth, with an uncompromising focus on direct experience and revelation. Quite a few years ago, through Divine Grace, I Awakened, and then further unfoldment followed.

A product of spiritual unfoldment has been the fine-tuning of insight and discrimination; casting aside false ideas about Awakening, Realization, Enlightenment, and our relationship to the Divine. Throughout this process, I was led to the spontaneous practice of, and insight into, numerous spiritual methods that were useful in the unfolding that Grace conferred on me.

And with this ever-developing unfolding, there arose deep insight into reality, some unique abilities, and the development of the skill to support and guide others on their journey.

The spiritual journey is a journey of discovery of who we truly are. This journey leads to the recognition of our Divine nature, and carries with it the growth of peace, love, joy and harmony. And a new perspective on ourselves, the world around us, and that source beyond everything, the Divine.

What the process comes down to is preparing to receive Divine Grace. Then when we are ready, Divine Grace will release us from the constraints of who we think we are. When Grace comes, then we will begin to remember, and enjoy the peace, love, joy and harmony that arises from our Divine nature.

My focus is announcing the reality of the Divine and our true Divine nature; offering support, guidance, and resources to align you with the Divine and its Presence; and helping to dispel the myths, false beliefs, and resistances that hold you back from discovering the omnipresent truth of who you really are.

– Joel

Joel appears in
the documentary film
Oneness: Journey of Awakening
a film about the current change
of human consciousness.
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