Most of us want a life of growing peace, love, and joy; a healthy life of insight and self-understanding. We seek balance. We strive for this better life, each in our unique ways. And each of us is confronted with our own set of challenges.

My challenges led me to search for solutions. That was the beginning of a remarkable spiritual journey. As a spiritual explorer, I became committed to spiritual growth, with an uncompromising focus on direct experience and revelation. And in my exploration I found many answers. Some of them surprising.

My spiritual unfoldment has fine-tuned insight and discrimination; and the casting aside of false ideas about Awakening, Realization, Enlightenment, and our relationship to the Divine. Throughout this process, I was led to the spontaneous practice of, and insight into, numerous spiritual methods that I tested and validated. And with this ever-developing unfolding, there arose deep insight into reality, enhanced intuition, and the development of the skill to support others on their journey.

The spiritual journey is a journey of discovery of who we truly are. This leads initially to the recognition of our universal nature, and carries with it the growth of peace, love, joy and harmony. And a new perspective on ourselves and the world around us.

But the journey extends much farther than we might imagine. Coming to know our true nature is not an end point, but a humble beginning. Even our true nature has its source. And we find that source beyond that source, and the source beyond that. How far can it go? What if it is endless?

Belief is not a requirement. Willingness to discover for ourselves is.

The path has taken me quite a distance; further than I knew was possible. And I see more to come on the horizon.

Welcome to your fascinating, fulfilling, and truly remarkable journey.

– Joel

Joel appears in the documentary film "Oneness: Journey of Awakening" ... a film about the current change of human consciousness.

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