Terms and Conditions:

Free Memberships:
Free trial memberships expire automatically.  Free recurring memberships will continue until you cancel.  Members may cancel their membership at any time.

Paid Memberships:
Paid memberships expire automatically if the membership description so states.  Paid recurring memberships are typically set to renew automatically every month, unless otherwise described in the membership description.  Paid recurring memberships will continue, and your form of payment will be charged until you cancel your membership.  You may cancel your membership at any time.  Unfortunately, refunds for partial months will not be issued.

Retreats, Courses, and Events:
Participants for retreats, courses (including guided inquiries and meditations and meditation teaching), or events must register by the dates listed in the retreat, course, or event description; and may cancel as described in the retreat, course, or event description. Refunds will only be issued if a Participant cancels in full compliance with the cancellation terms in the retreat, course, or event description.  For self-guided courses, guided inquiries or meditations, or meditation teaching, cancellations cannot be accomodated, nor can refunds be provided.

Other Terms and Conditions:
You have read and understand the entire course, retreat, event or membership description prior to signing up or registering, and understand that all courses, events, and memberships offered by Full Dawn Circle are educational of a spiritual genre. You fully understand and acknowledge that neither Full Dawn Circle, nor Joel, offer medical or mental health services or advice, nor have any representations been made that they do. Furthermore, you understand this and assert that your participation in any courses, events, or memberships is not intended to treat any medical or mental health condition that you may have now or in the future. You are responsible for your physical and mental health; and you take responsibility to seek medical or mental health advice and treatment as you see fit for any health conditions you may have now or in the future.

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