The Way
Here we are. Seeking Awakening. Feeling there is something more we need to do. Just not satisfied with our progress so far.

Perhaps we’re new to the spiritual path. Perhaps we’ve been around awhile.

We want to Awaken to our inherently Divine nature. We want the peace, love, joy, and harmony it promises.

We often bring to our spiritual path vigilance, effort, manipulation, or control — as we might apply to elevate our life circumstances. But we will find this doesn’t work very well in preparing for the Awakening. Any effort at control, or strategy, or vigilance gets in the way because such approaches arise from our ego self, our personal motivations and anxieties.

Or, when our path involves difficult and challenging practices, or self-imposed disciplines that cut us off from what we enjoy in life, we can become fatigued and discouraged, especially when we don’t get out of it what we hope for.

In seeking our Divine nature, we have to bring our focus to an appropriate spiritual path. A path that brings about natural, effortless surrender. Because Awakening occurs in surrender, not in our vigilance, effort, or control.

Waking up is a process of infinite subtlety and profound surrender. It is not an act of our ego self, or driven by our personal motivations or anxieties. It is a “non-act” of surrender to align with our Divine nature, to open to It’s Presence, and to prepare to receive the Grace of Awakening.

We need to have patience and faith that everything we need for our spiritual journey will be provided. Divine Intelligence is in charge, not us. Our most fruitful spiritual journey is where we let that intelligence work for us — where we can surrender naturally to the process.

In selecting our path we are confronted with numerous choices. The choices we make matter. They establish how we grow, evolve, and prepare for Awakening. And important factors in those choices are taking on regular spiritual practice that invokes natural surrender, accepting guidance from the wise, and applying discrimination when shopping in the spiritual marketplace.

Full Dawn Circle is here as a resource to help you find and move forward on your way; to offer you resources and knowledge to help you align with your Divine nature, become more receptive to It’s Presence, and to prepare for the Grace of Awakening.

– Joel


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