Regular, daily spiritual practice and periodic group practice are an essential foundation for aligning us with the Divine, increasing our receptivity to Divine Presence, and preparing us to receive Divine Grace. Meditation practice also has the additional benefit of reducing stress and refining our sense perception and mental clarity. And these factor into our spiritual unfoldment.

Meditation must be simple, natural, and effortless to be most effective. Many of us mistakenly apply effort and vigilance to manipulate our minds, believing it will be helpful to our spiritual path. We may think this will quell our thoughts or feelings to our advantage, but it does not. Effort and vigilance reinforce our resistance to going deeper, limiting us, impeding our progress, and restraining the degree to which we can transcend mind and surrender to Divine Presence.

In the most sophisticated spiritual traditions, there are many stages and methods of meditation offered to students as they progress. This approach is often lost in modern teachings where a fixed menu of spiritual practice is offered to everyone. The value of an awakened peer who has an in-depth understanding of the subtle mechanics and benefits of each meditation method is of great value in assisting the meditator to determine what method is appropriate at each stage of one’s spiritual unfoldment.

There are many methods of meditation taught here, chosen to meet the needs of each individual. There is no one meditation that is maximally effective for everyone. A meditation method that is highly effective for someone today, may not be as effective a year from now. Experience and observation shows that those who want to maximize their results from meditation may need to shift to or add another meditation practice from time to time. A change or refinement in our practice can be a powerful catalyst to our spiritual growth.

Meditation is usually taught one-on-one to ensure proper and thorough instruction, though some practices offered can be taught to groups. Suitable group meditations are often part of Full Dawn Circle online gatherings.

After reading about the various meditation offerings described below, If you are interested in a personal instruction in meditation, or wish to organize a group for instruction, send a message by clicking here.


Deep Cycle Meditation™
Deep Cycle Meditation™ is a group of effortless meditation practices derived from ancient traditions and modern exploration. Each practice relies on the native intelligence of mind, body, and attention to naturally carry through the cyclical flow of transcending mind, and the releasing of stress to go deeper into your true nature.

It took me very deep into my soul.

The process of deepening and releasing prepares you for Divine Grace, and the stroke of Awakening. With each cycle you draw closer to the realization of your Divine nature, the true reality of who you are, and the growing peace, love, joy, and light inherent in the Divine Itself.


Jivattunement Meditation™
Jivattunement Meditation™ is a meditation for those who need to start with a guided meditation format. Joel uses a specific frequency that is indicated to harmonize with your deeper sense of self. This frequency is composed into a personalized guided meditation audio that is simple, natural, and effortless. With regular practice over time, and when the meditator is ready to take on a more self-guided meditation practice, Deep Cycle Meditation™ may be taught to further reinforce the natural flow of transcending mind, the releasing of stress contractions, and deeper recognition of Divine Presence.


Somatic and Sensory Meditation Practices
These are a group of different meditation practices developed by Joel after decades of spiritual exploration that focus on the refinement of our sense and perceptual mechanisms and the clarity of our spiritual unfoldment.


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