Guided Inquiry is a process to clarify your experience right now, and to assist you in the discovery of layers of your multi-dimensional existence which are present, but just beyond your recognition or perception. By exploring together your experience here and now, and pointing you beyond your current sense of self – you may recognize deeper, more spacious levels of your self, and the joy and peace that comes from that recognition.

   During the inquiry I was asked questions I never thought to ask. I saw beyond my mind.

Guided Inquiry is an inclusive process, acknowledging that all is within the Divine, and is to be embraced, including you. Who you may think you are exists in a multidimensional matrix of a singular Divine Reality. Being pointed toward that Reality begins to move you out of the limitations of the matrix where you may feel lost or confused; and onto a more comprehensive recognition of who you are. This process points you towards your true divine nature.

This is a valuable tool that naturally evolved from inquiry and insights over decades of spiritual practice. It is a novel approach to inquiry that can supplement your spiritual practice. Participants have found the process profoundly insightful, and a tool to pry apart tightly-held or unexamined beliefs about themselves and who we all truly are as divine beings.

   Truly remarkable as a way to directly see there is much more depth to me.

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