Most people want a life of growing peace, love, joy, contentment, health, insight and self-understanding.  We strive for a better life, each in our unique ways.  And each of us is confronted with our own set of challenges.

Many of us have a strong work ethic and a survival-driven desire for control which lead us to believe in and invest in the power of effort. We believe that if we work hard at it, we will get the results we want.  We believe that if we can control ourselves or circumstances enough, then we will reach our goals.

This may help us alter our life circumstances and bring us some degree of stability, moments of happiness and a sense of accomplishment.  Yet, when it comes to grasping that which we want in our life, we may overlook that which is at our very core, our very foundation and support — our true nature — our inherently divine nature.  Most of us fail to recognize the Divine is always present and is our true source of peace, love, joy and contentment.   Discovering even the idea that we may have a divine nature that is ever-present peace can set us on a new path to bring that divine nature forward in our lives.

In order to sincerely seek our divine nature, we have to rise above our sole focus on life’s challenges and accomplishments, and supplement our focus with an appropriate spiritual path.  We often bring to our spiritual journey the same tools and methods we use to elevate our life circumstances.  But we will find that these tools don’t work very well in attracting the transformational peace and joy conferred by Divine Grace at those progressive moments of awakening to our true divine nature.

For our spiritual development, our work ethic and survival-driven desire for control get in the way.  Our spiritual path does require sincerity of intention and commitment, but exerting the power of effort is counter-productive.  Waking up to Divine Presence is a process of infinite subtlety and profound surrender.  Control and effort just don’t create the right environment.

And when our path involves difficult and time-consuming practices, or self-imposed disciplines that cut us off from what we enjoy in life, or we just put so much effort into it, we can become fatigued and discouraged, especially when we don’t get out of it what we hope for.

Whether we seek out a path or not, spiritual growth is our natural evolutionary trajectory.  We will grow spiritually without any intervention.  But we can grow in peace, love, joy, and contentment at a faster pace with a spiritual path that aligns us with the Divine through Its radiant Divine Presence, and prepares us for Divine Grace, the stroke of awakening.

For spiritual growth, the key is not found in effort and control.  Effort and control are futile machinations of the mind. An effortless path is the way to go for most people.

We need to remember that everything we need for our spiritual journey is provided, including major thoroughfares, detours, U-turns, bottlenecks and pot holes. We can forget, or simply don’t know, that native divine cosmic intelligence, expressed as the inherent intelligence of our mind and body, is not something we, as individuals, can master, even with great effort. The power of effort and our mistaken belief that effort is the pathway drive us off the main thoroughfares right into obstacles. Our most fruitful spiritual journey is one of “effortlessness” where we let native Divine Intelligence work for us rather than apply the power of our effort.

In seeking out the right pathway to follow, we are confronted with numerous choices. Choices are opportunities to drive onto the main thoroughfare. Choices laden with concepts often burden the mind with mistaken or conflicting ideas and goals.  The choices we make establish the speed limit at which we grow, evolve, and prepare for awakening. When we are sufficiently prepared, Divine Grace carries us from ignorance to the stages of realization of our true, cosmic, divine nature — what we are and always have been.

Full Dawn Circle is here as a resource to help you find and stay on the right road and to support you along the way – to help you align with the Divine, open to Divine Presence, prepare for Divine Grace, and to move forward on the path to the realization of your divine nature, and the lasting peace, love, joy and contentment that comes with it.