Aligning with the Divine through spiritual practice forms the basis of our spiritual path. Spiritual practice can take many forms.

Full Dawn Circle offers effortless spiritual practice that relies on the natural functioning of our minds, bodies, and perceptual mechanisms, and on the frequencies and flow of Divine Intelligence. Effortlessness is important to allow us to release and surrender more deeply into the process. Deep Cycle Meditation and Jivattunement Meditation are among many meditative practices Full Dawn Circle provides. These meditative practices align us with the Divine and increase our receptivity to and perceptivity of Divine Presence, thus preparing us for Divine Grace.

Full Dawn Circle also offers Attunement methods which facilitate alignment with the Divine by intentionally invoking Divine Intelligence to address stress contractions in the multi-dimensional energetic and subtle layers of our existence expressed in our physical and soul bodies. Personal and Group Audio Attunements Sympathetic Resonant Presence, and Remote Releasing are examples of Attunement methods provided.

Belief is not a useful marker of how our spiritual process will unfold. A greater sense of peace, love, joy or harmony is. Belief in aligning with the Divine does not have value if the process of alignment is not fruitful. However, faith and patience are required. Our spiritual unfoldment is progressive and evolutionary, and requires time for the release of old beliefs, concepts, and stress contractions.

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– Joel