Guidance gives us faith and confidence in our spiritual path to recognize our Divine nature. This is why, through the ages, prominent spiritual leaders have come forward to teach us of the unseen reality of the Divine, so that we may enter the path to discover that unseen reality and our place in it. Unfortunately, the teachings over the ages have been subject to misunderstanding, misinterpretation, or worse, intentional manipulation to exercise control and exploitation of humanity and the Earth.

Many of us recognize this insidious distortion of the divinely-inspired truth, and seek guidance outside those institutions that have lost their way. Now there are alternatives as more and more spiritual teachers are coming forward to offer guidance, support and direction. However, not all among these teachers are immune to the temptation of exploitation, and some are not sufficiently awakened to guide us most effectively.

This puts the burden on each of us to seek guidance, but retain our faculty of critical thinking and discrimination, and balance that with our sense of heart-given inner guidance. This is the context in which I founded Full Dawn Circle — to offer guidance and support on the spiritual path, without distorted agendas. I have only the sincere intent to serve the Divine nature of us all and to offer the insights of my spiritual journey and the knowledge, resources and tools I have explored and tested along the way.

I advocate a foundation of regular, daily spiritual practice and periodic group practice. But to be most effective, spiritual practice must be effortless and engage us in natural surrender to Divine Presence. Not all spiritual practice meets these criteria, yet without effortlessness and natural surrender, we cannot effectively prepare for the Divine Grace of Awakening.

It is proper spiritual practice that gives us the opportunity to express our devotion to that unseen reality of the Divine. In effect, we could say it is a form of worship, not of some god that seeks our submission to its dictates, but of the Supreme Divine of peace, love, joy and light which is the true nature of who we are.

– Joel

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