Group Audio Attunements™ are a method of alignment with the Divine through the use of frequencies of Divine Intelligence which act on and support our multi-dimensional body/mind; and which increase our receptivity to and awareness of Divine Presence.

The numerous frequencies and their flow in Group Audio Attunements™ are provided by Divine Intelligence. Most of these frequencies are outside the audible spectrum of the human ear. So the frequencies are “transcoded” so they may be heard, and so that the vibrations and their harmonics may also be felt directly by the body/mind and resonate on deeper layers of our multi-dimensional existence.

The frequencies work on the principle of “sympathetic resonance.” The frequencies are a reflection of Divine Intelligence, so when we hear the frequencies or feel their vibrations, this serves to awaken Divine Intelligence within us, which then acts on all the layers of our multi-dimensional existence to release subtle resistances, so that we may experience Divine Presence more profoundly.

The audio attunement frequencies also have a calming, relaxing influence on our mind and body. The frequencies and their flow naturally produce this calming influence and increase our sense of peace. And as we relax more deeply into calmness and peace, our awareness is naturally drawn deeper, and opens more readily to recognize Divine Presence within and around us.

Audio attunement is not brainwave entrainment. Brainwave entrainment attempts to place the brain into a particular state based upon known frequencies the brain emits when in sleep, deep rest, alertness, etc.. The frequencies used in audio attunements are much more subtle, and are frequencies of Divine Intelligence, which act directly on our multi-dimensional mind/body. They do not entrain the brain.

These Attunements are not intended to diagnose, treat or heal physical, mental or emotional conditions. Any Attunement process offered here is intended only as preparation for spiritual Awakening.

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