We are each a spark of the Divine, reflecting a unique perspective of the Divine expressing Itself. Our purpose is to live life spontaneously in Divine Alignment. This purpose unfolds in a progressive, evolutionary process of Awakening where the depths of our true nature and the dimensions of Existence are revealed, to eventually find that all is the Divine.

And we find our relationship with the Divine in that context.

Through the ages, prominent spiritual leaders have come forward to teach us of the unseen reality of the Divine, so that we may enter the path to discover that unseen reality and our place in it. Unfortunately, the teachings over the ages have been subject to misunderstanding, misinterpretation, or worse, intentional manipulation to exercise control and exploitation of humanity and the Earth.

Many of us recognize this insidious distortion of the divinely-inspired truth, and seek guidance outside those institutions that have lost their way. Now there are alternatives as more and more spiritual teachers are coming forward to offer guidance, support and direction. However, we can get lost in the vast array of options. This puts the burden on each of us to seek guidance, but retain our faculty of critical thinking and discrimination, and balance that with our sense of heart-given inner guidance.

Regardless of the philosophical basis of any teaching, regular, effortless spiritual practice that engages natural surrender should form the basis of an accelerated spiritual path; and move us towards Divine Alignment. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Accelerated does not mean immediate. Trust, faith, and patience are required. Spiritual practice is a process of preparation to receive the Divine Grace of Awakening. Our preparation is progressive and evolutionary, and requires time for us to adapt and integrate as it unfolds.

Proper spiritual practice also gives us the opportunity to express our devotion to that unseen reality of the Divine. In effect, we could say it is a form of worship, not of some god that seeks our submission to its dictates, but of the Supreme Divine which is the true origin of who we are.

As reflections of the Divine, the more purely we reflect, the more we live in the peace and serenity of the Divine. Our inevitable evolutionary path is to perfect our reflection, and live in greater and greater harmony, at higher and higher orders of the multi-dimensional expression of the Divine we call the world, and what is beyond.

– Joel

Living in Divine Alignment