We are each a spark of the Divine, reflecting a unique perspective of the Divine on the Divine itself. Our purpose is to live life spontaneously in alignment with the Divine. This purpose unfolds in a progressive, evolutionary process of Awakening where the depths of our true nature and the dimensions of Existence are revealed, to eventually find that all is the Divine.

We are reflectors of the Divine. And the more purely we reflect, the more we live in the peace, love, joy and light of the Divine. Our evolutionary path is to perfect our reflection, and live in greater and greater harmony at higher and higher orders of the multi-dimensional manifestation of the Divine we call the world, or Existence.

Some traditions point to the after-life as the reward for our deeds in this life. But we need not wait for the after-life to reap rewards. We can enter the path to live life in recognition of the Divine and our place in Existence. We can live the diversity of life in alignment with the Divine while growing in the peace, love, joy and light of the Divine.

– Joel