Personalized Audio Attunement™
A Personalized Audio Attunement™ is a downloadable audio MP3 file for you to listen to daily as time permits. It is composed with specific frequencies of intelligence that are in alignment with your soul blueprint. These frequencies resonate to neutralize and realign contracted energies that deviate from you soul blueprint and that inhibit freer expression of your true spiritual nature.

…really feeling the frequencies.

A Personalized Audio Attunement™ is a supportive process originally developed for those who are undergoing In-Session Activated Attunements™, but can also be used independently if you prefer not to sign up for In-Session Activated Attunements™.

How It Works And What To Expect
While In-Session Activated Attunements™ allow me to tune into you and directly invoke benevolent frequencies of native intelligence to clear, release and harmonize embedded karmic patterns, a Personalized Audio Attunement™ supports this process daily through the audible frequencies in the attunement while you apply your attention as directed in instructions I provide you.

A Personalized Audio Attunement™ reflects a window in time. As your spiritual process unfolds, the relevant frequencies that support you can change. Every three to six months you can send me a request to tune in to you to see whether a modification of your audio attunement, or a change in instructions for how to use it, is warranted.

How To Sign Up For A Personalized Audio Attunement™
Sign up at the link below by completing the form. Include any message you wish to convey to me in the section of the form labeled “Enter Any Additional Message Below.” I will respond via email with a projected date when I can have your attunement ready.

I will compose your Personalized Audio Attunement™ and send you an email when it is ready. You will receive a downloadable MP3 file. The cost for the attunement is $200. A Personalized Audio Attunement™ is approximately 15-20 minutes long. Payment must be received before I begin work composing your attunement. Payment is via Zelle or PayPal. There are no refunds once I begin work on composing your attunement.

To sign up for a Personalized Audio Attunement™ CLICK HERE