Remote Yogic Attunement
A Remote Yogic Attunement is a highly focused ancient yogic process that I initiate deep within meditation to invoke a beneficial shift in situations for which you seek spiritual support. A situation may be when facing a difficult decision, a dilemma or concern, a spiritual fork in the road, feeling “stuck,” or any issue or circumstance for which you seek support. These attunements are not intuitive readings, and instead help strengthen your inner guidance.

How It Works and What To Expect
When you request a Remote Yogic Attunement you include a concise description of your situation. This establishes the foundational intention and vision for the attunement. Based upon that intention, at the scheduled date/time for the attunement, while in deep meditation, I will apply the yogic process to invoke benevolent frequencies of intelligence to ease the underlying pattern which is exacerbating the situation.

[pullquote]Clarified what I needed.[/pullquote]

You may notice a shift right away, or more gradually. Or the shift may occur and you may recognize it only in retrospect. Sometimes a beneficial shift occurs in ways you might not have imagined or anticipated.

Most recipients experience positive results, but Remote Yogic Attunement does not always bring about a noticeable shift even though in some cases a shift may actually have occurred outside your awareness. Sometimes the underlying patterns cannot be shifted sufficiently in one attunement. If you don’t find sufficient results you can complete a request for another attunement. Some situations may require a few attunements. Or if you feel you need more support, intuitive guidance and some recommendations for spiritual practice, you can sign up for an In-Session Activated Attunement or a Personalized Guidance Session.

Attunements are not a substitute for health care from licensed professionals and are not intended to heal health conditions nor are any claims made to that effect.

How To Sign Up For A Remote Yogic Attunement
Sign up at the link below and complete the form. Include a concise description of the situation you are facing and for which you seek support in the section of the form labeled “Enter Any Additional Message Below.” I will reply with an email within 24-72 hours with the date and time for the attunement and some additional instructions for you.

I will initiate the attunement at the pre-determined date/time without telephone or video contact with you. You do not need to make yourself available at the date/time of the attunement. Depending on your time zone your attunement may occur when you are sleeping or at work or otherwise occupied. Your availability does not have an impact on the effectiveness of the attunement, but you might enjoy sitting quietly during the time of the attunement if your schedule allows.

I ask that after the attunement you send in an email to report what shift you have noticed and how it has affected your situation.

A Remote Yogic Attunement is conducted for 10 minutes and continues to resonate in consciousness for some time after that. The fee is $30 (contact me about a reduced fee if there is financial hardship). To hold your date/time, payment must be received at least 72 hours in advance. Payment is via Zelle or PayPal. Receipt of payment confirms your date/time slot.

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