I set out on a journey many years ago to become enlightened.  Of course I had no idea what “me” seeking enlightenment really meant; or that self-realization was not a “me” awakening but the awakening of consciousness itself.  Still, I persevered.

I had a choice to make – to choose to focus on spiritual practice or on ideas and concepts.  Did I want to know the truth of myself and reality through direct revelation; or through the ideas present in written truth, words passed down throughout the history of humankind? Did I want to discover reality directly or did I want to rely on teachings that had stood the test of time, but were replete with translation errors, misinterpretation, cultural and religious bias and calcified dogma? And with so many modern teachers in the spiritual marketplace to choose from, did I want to seek the truth within or did I want to follow the direction of a new generation of teachers with yet another set of ideas and concepts.

It was not a difficult choice for me. I chose direct revelation by seeking within!

Choosing direct revelation through a focus on spiritual practice still leaves room for spiritual teachings. They can be inspirational and informative, but one must use discrimination to incorporate those aspects of a spiritual teaching that ring true or that are validated in the light of direct experience over time. Becoming a believer is not enough. Awakening is not a belief.

On my journey I have found there are many wonderful teachers and awakened seekers, but there are also many who are confused (who just have not yet realized they are confused).  In confusion, it is very difficult to clearly understand and know what one is seeking or what one has found.  To make matters more complex, the proliferation of modern teachers has made spiritual teaching more accessible, but their teachings add to the sheer volume of options to sort through.  And some simply are not mature in their spiritual experience and understanding.

By relying on direct experience and discrimination, being willing to let go of concepts, aligning with the Divine and surrendering to it, the path finds itself.   Join me along the path.  Let’s go together.

– Joel


Let’s Journey Together