Awakening is the first step — that moment when you take a step back from who you thought you were and discover a deeper identity. Even the first step of awakening profoundly alters who you think you are.

Awakening usually occurs in evolutionary stages. At first the awakening may be a revelation that you are not the flurry of thoughts in the mind. This first awakening may be the discovery of your sense as the subject of ordinary experience, sifted out from thought and sense perception. For many people who are chronically caught up in their thoughts, just awakening to this is a remarkable, profound experience.

As awakening stages unfold, we come closer and closer to the deeper truths of who we are and the nature of reality. The evolutionary process that drives us towards awakening is always operating. Prior to awakening we are evolving. After each stage of awakening we are evolving. Each step of revelation or awakening along the way may seem a radical moment, not caused by anything we have done to prepare for it. But we have prepared for it. The force of Love behind the evolutionary process cannot be resisted. We come to understand that everything we do is a preparation for that evolutionary process to move us to the next stage. Divine Grace will come when we are ready.

– Joel



The Evolution of Awakening