You may (or may not) have noticed that I have not posted on my web site for some time. I felt perhaps you might like to know why.

It’s because an unexpected process spontaneously arose on December 26, 2023. Normally between Christmas and New Year’s Day I try to make a mini retreat for myself. I usually take this time to indulge in extra rest, meditate more and catch up on reading. Well, that’s not what happened.

A bit of history:
In 1979 I had a kundalini awakening. A high level of bliss and energy continued for a few weeks, then over the following years became less and less frequent until it seemed the kundalini process had completed, except for occasional blissful movements of energy along the same pathways.

This kundalini arising did not result in Awakening, even though the kundalini moved all the way up into and beyond my head. Most interpretations of the kundalini/chakra model indicate that when the kundalini reaches to or beyond the crown (7th) chakra it results in the Awakening referred to as Self Realization or Cosmic Consciousness.

It wasn’t until 16 years later, in 1995, that Awakening to Self-Realization actually occurred. There was no particular kundalini phenomena associated with this Awakening. And over the years that followed, I experienced subsequent stages of Awakening with no apparent kundalini phenomena.

Back to December 26, 2023:
Based on my kundalini experiences of 1979 and some sporadic kundalini phenomena that followed over the years, I thought that the process that began on December 26, 2023 was simply another brief surge of kundalini. I expected only a few days of kundalini excitation. But I am writing this on April 24, 2024, nearly 4 months later, and the process continues.

Contrary to my initial presumptions, this process is much different than what occurred in 1979. I am aware of energies, channels and fields of flow that do not conform to my understanding of the kundalini model. And there is more taking place which seems in addition to any kundalini-like process.

I have sought guidance to explain what is going on. I am told “just be patient” and “it will be done when it is done.” It seems my innocence is required so as not to impede the process.

I’m not totally in the dark about this process though. I have been given some limited information, and of course there is that which I can directly observe and intuit as the process unfolds. Spiritual texts have provided some support as well.

The process has at times been very intense, requiring my full attention and distracting me from my normal activities. Because I have needed to stay engaged with this process, I have not been as focused on creating new essays or in composing new audio attunements, but I have continued to conduct individual attunement sessions.

Now that the distractions of this process have become somewhat less insistent, I expect to resume my normal level of activity in the near future, getting back to writing new essays and posts, and releasing some new audio attunements.

I’m not providing much detail here about the specifics of what is occurring in this process. I understand this is not particularly satisfying to those of you with an elevated level of curiosity. Perhaps when this process is further along or complete I’ll write more about it. It may also be easier to write about in retrospect.

I can say that it has been and continues to be an intensely transformative process on many levels and seems to be bringing new potentials into expression.

– Joel


Why I Haven’t Posted