Activated Attunement is a personalized alignment process to support your spiritual growth and well-being. It evokes Divine Intelligence within the multi-dimensional layers of your existence, opening you more deeply to your divine nature, and showering you with the light of Divine Presence.

   I could feel there was healing, loving energy working on all levels of my being.

An Activated Attunement works on the principle of resonance to awaken Divine Intelligence to clear, release and harmonize embedded patterns in your mind and body. These embedded patterns contribute to your dissatisfaction in life, and impair your sensitivity to Divine Presence and the recognition of the natural flow of the ever-present Divine through and as you.

Much like tossing a pebble into a pond creates waves within the pond, an Activated Attunement stimulates waves of Divine Cosmic Intelligence in the “pond of your existence.” These waves reverberate at a subtle level, gently unwinding those patterns which hold you back in your spiritual progress, and facilitating your preparation to receive Divine Grace.

You may experience the release of these embedded patterns as changes to your state of well-being, increased peace or happiness, feelings of expansion or spaciousness, increased clarity of mind or perception, deeper meditation, or as other changes.

   Flashes of light appeared in the space around me and I felt cuddled in profound love.

Activated Attunement is a precious gift that was revealed through deep meditation. It is intended to help you make a deeper connection to the true reality of your being.

A personal session of Activated Attunement is uniquely focussed on you. These attunements can be done with a voice connection through phone or Skype, or done “remotely” without a voice connection.  If you are interested in an Activated Attunement session, send a message by clicking here.

Though not personalized, Group Audio Attunements are offered as part of many of our Fellowship Gatherings and events. You can learn more about Group Audio Attunement by clicking here.