We each start our spiritual path from where we are now. We start with the background of our life challenges, emotional baggage, and personal histories. We differ in social and cultural norms and constructs, religious training, psychological makeup and personality. We are each unique.

So what is the right path? The right path is truly that which most fully supports your spiritual growth. The discovery of your path and which forks in the road to follow are your choices to make, but you need to be thoughtful about it and discern what your path presents to you.

When you follow one path that seems to be a poor choice or turns out to be a dead end, you need to have the fortitude to correct course if needed. Changes in course can be difficult or frightening, but if you are sincere in your spiritual aspirations, you will find and keep to the path that best serves you.

The key to finding the right path is your willingness to accept the gifts of guidance from others who have something valuable to offer. Don’t presume you know everything already. Don’t presume your current teacher or mentor knows everything either. Be inquisitive, skeptical even, but don’t judge too quickly. The patterns of our past will cloud our judgment in identifying our path forward. Be open to and accept guidance on the path. It may come from unexpected sources.

Full Dawn Circle is founded upon authentic revelation from direct experience and in-depth spiritual exploration, not ideas or concepts that live in books, in the imagination or in institutions. Only authentic revelation can clearly show us the truth of ourselves and of reality. A wise teacher once told me that the taste of a strawberry can only be known by tasting the strawberry. No description of its flavor, no matter how detailed, no matter how many pictures are provided, no matter how much is documented about strawberries, will ever reveal the reality of its flavor.

– Joel



What is The Right Path?